2020, the halfway point!

Hello! Apologies for there not being a blog last week, hopefully you’ll understand why by the end of this blog.

Well. what a year it’s been so far! As we’re now half way through I thought I’d take a minute to look back at the past six months that will quite honestly, probably be taught about in schools in years to come!

Isn’t it funny that we all go into a new year with so much hope and dreams, and it’s a running joke that by mid February, everyone’s like, well same old crap again, maybe next year will be better. Well who would ever have predicted this world altering pandemic?! But let’s go right back to January, when for us here in the UK, the pandemic wasn’t really effecting us yet, and we were still full of whistful hopes for 2020. And by in large, aside from watching this virus grow and reap devestation around the world, January was pretty normal, I think I may have even stuck to my new years resolutions for the entire month! February is where it started to take a bit of a nose dive for my little family personally. If you have followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that in Feb half term I unfortunately trapped my femoral nerve, oh my goodness, child birth didn’t even have a patch on the pain I felt with this. The effects of this led me to three weeks in bed, and it was a solid two months before I could say that I felt mostly recovered from it, even now I suffer from days where I still feel stiff and sore, and this will alway leave me cautious now. 

Once feeling recovered enough to return to work, things started to take a scary turn for the UK with the COVID-19 pandemic, and we were really starting to see a massive growth rate in cases and sadly deaths, I had barely stepped back throught the door at work before Boris announced that he was placing us in lockdown. And all we could do was watch as this terrifying virus took hold of the country. Over the period of lockdown, we have seen so much sadness, idiocy, fear and grief, but we’ve also seen some wonderful scenes up and down the country, the amazing work that all of the keyworkers have done, day in and day out, we’ve seen communities come together and we’ve seen kindness on every level, and personally, that is what I want to try and remember from this awful period in time, is the goodness that it has brought, yes, we can not ignore all of the devestation, but it has brought people closer than anything we have seen since the end of the world wars. May brought us news and awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement. This has seen so many differing opinions, it has seen the usual neanderthals use this as an excuse to turn a peaceful protest into something that ends up in horrendous sadness and chaos. The movement shouldn’t have ever been necessary, and the fact that in 2020 it still is, is truly sad, but if something good can come out of it, it is that people (myself included) are now taking the time to educate themselves, people are having the uncomfortable conversations with their loved ones, and people are finally being proactive, I genuinely hope that this will finally bring the change that needs to happen, and everyone will be seen as equals, we can but hope.

On a personal level, I have achieved something pretty spectacular in the last couple of months, I have started my very own little business. It is still in the very early days stage, and I am putting so much work in behind the scenes, but I am very proud of my little online candle shop. I have always had a huge love for scented candles, so it was a natural progression to start making them, but to be proud enough in the products I make to feel I can sell them, it’s like no other feeing. This is why I have been a little quiet on here at times, as I have been prefecting my candles, and setting up and promoting my shop. Little plug coming…If you love candles, then please do go on over and have a look, I have set up (yes, all by myself), my own website and I now have an Etsy shop too, I would be so very grateful if you do take the time to have a look. I’ll leave the links here, thank you: https://www.sillyoldbearcandles.com


And there we have it, 2020 thus far…at this point anything is possible over the remainder of this year, so watch this space.

As always, I hope that you’re safe and well.

Much love. xx

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